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Many say that shoes can maketh the man. And perhaps it's not that inaccurate after all. Here's why.

In an article published by Journal of Research in Personality Shoes as a source of first impressions in 2012, it found that we are indeed judged by the type of shoes we wore. In a more recent research published in The Association for Consumer Research in 2019, we also discovered that footwear is often seen as an expression and extension of self and can contribute a lot to our personal identity. 

So, when we look at our outfit and down to our shoes gradually, we ask ourselves, how does that seemingly inconspicuous part of our total outfit make or break how we project ourselves to the world?

Well, it actually can be rather easy. Just imagine how one would be seen if we're wearing a pair of leather dress shoes that are dull-looking, non-shining, with scuffs by the toe or sides versus, that pair of mirror-shine shoes where every details are well taken care of that show the meticulous side of oneself. 

We'd like to think that shoe care is not only about projecting or extending the person you are to the world, or show what you are standing for, but the way you take care of your possessions will be seen as a way to create sustainability. 

If you are on the journey to take care of your shoes, come join us on the ride!





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