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I'm completely new to shoe care, where do I start?

There are many things that you can do to take good care of your shoe. To start with, do not pile your leather shoes on top of each other. Keep them in flannel storage bags that will avoid dust and dirt forming on its surface. Good storage will keep maintenance of your shoe and lifespan extension easier. For a list of all the things you could do for shoe care, please refer to the Shoe Care page.

When should I consider using neutral as opposed to a coloured shoe cream and wax polish?

The neutral option is a non-pigmented cream or wax that can be used on different coloured leather shoes as it does not provide any additional colouration. Neutral is recommended when your shoe has stitching of a different colour to the leather surface since a pigmented cream will discolour any of the material. However, if your shoes are scuffed or discoloured or aged, a coloured cream or wax matching that of your shoe will provide effective revitalisation and enrichment.

Why do I need a shoe cream polish?

Using a shoe cream polish will keep the leather in the best condition over the long term. It has the effect of keeping the leather moist and supple. A coloured shoe polish will also enrich the colour of the original leather and remove any discolouration and scuff marks. A wax polish can then be applied to add a glossy shine to the shoe and add a layer of protection from water and dirt.

We recommend Saphir Pommadier Shoe Polish as it contains roughly twice the pigments normally found in shoe creams. This is very effective in concealing scuffing and renewing the patina of your shoes, keeping them looking great for many years to come.

What’s the purpose of the horsehair brush in cleaning and polishing shoes?

The horse hair brush is used for two purposes; to remove dirt, mud or grease and also as a finisher after the cream or wax is applied to provide a consistent shine. We recommend that the brush be used only for a specific colour. It is best not to use the same brush with different colour cream and wax polishes to avoid colour transfer.