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The Dapper Assembly. 

Leather has been in existence for a long time and it was one of human's earliest discoveries in our histories. Our ancestors have devised ways to use leather in so many ways which, in time, given us the special skill to preserve the leather further in our modern world today.

From the earliest most decorative leather garments and shoes to our high fashion couture collections we see now, the leather fashion is never about trend-chasing, it is about respecting our planet and what it presents. It is also about making use of what we have to represent a part of ourselves, and what we seek and stand for.

At The Dapper Assembly, we believe in bringing our best self forward as the best thing we can do for ourselves. We believe in making a better version of us everyday. 

So, why The Dapper Assembly?

The Dapper Assembly is part of the Lusso & Co family where we research, curate and bring the world's best leather care solutions to Australia. As we strode down the path of leather care, we decided to take a leap of faith to bring you the largest possible range of Saphir products possible we can find including Saphir Medaille D'Or and Saphir Beaute Du Cuir. Never will you have to pay hefty sums of shipping or delivery fees just to have your favourites brought to your doorstep. 

Join us in our journey and the community of dappers as we shine that pair of shoe, or clean that leather to get it sparkling!