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At The Dapper Assembly, we often get asked how best to take care of RM Williams boots. So, I thought I'll share some of my own experience as I've recently come to own a pair of beautiful, chestnut-coloured boots, which I'm confident that only Saphir can provide it with the best shoecare. 

Shoe care enthusiasts (like myself) will, no doubt, appreciate the importance of a regular care routine to keep those boots in tip-top condition and ensure they continue to look great for years to come. In this blog, I'll share a 3-step process as part of a regular maintenance routine that any shoe lovers should consider: 

1) Cleaning - Clean dust and dirt off the boots using a good brush made from horse or pigs hair, depending on the leather type. You should consider using gentle cleanser if there are stains or marks that need to be removed.

2) Conditioning - This is essential to keeping the leather moist and supple and prevent it from cracking due to drying out or excessive exposure to direct sunlight. Apply the conditioner, for example Saphir Renovateur, and leave it between 15 to 30 minutes to allow absorption. Always remember: A little goes a long way, so apply moderately and wipe off excess, if any. 

3) Polishing - Using the right shoe cream can provide effective colour enhancement and will result in a matte sheen just like when the boots were first purchased. You can also consider using shoe wax if you like a high shine.

The top 3 questions we get from customers about RM Williams boots are:

1) Can Saphir be used on RM  Williams Boots?

Absolutely Saphir is a premium product which can be used on all types of shoes and boots. For example, the chestnuts boots are crafted from a single piece of yearling/calf leather, which is a versatile fine grained leather that is chrome tanned, making it very supple. Saphir solutions, free from silicones, are developed to be used for different leather types and definitely suitable for smooth calfskin leather products.

2) Should I use a shoe cream or wax?

This depends on the look you are after and the condition of the boots, use a cream if the colour is faded and you prefer the original look of the boots or a wax for the high shine effect.

3) What saphir shoe cream colour should I use on my chestnut boots?

Based on our experience, Havana/Tobacco is the closest match to chestnut which we have in both cream and wax options. 

If you would like to know more about looking after your boots or have any questions , feel free to reach out at Contact Us or email us at and include some photos so that we can provide the best advice.

Here's to keeping your RM Williams boots in great shape.

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