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Saphir Nappa Leather Cream

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This gentle leather Renovateur is an ideal choice for preserving the finish and appearance of smooth leather. It also provides cleaning, nourishment and protection. Designed for the care of extra delicate leathers like nappa, boxcalf and goat, the Saphir Nappa Leather Cream is a foundational step in your leather care routine.

This Nappa Cream is wax-free, making it the perfect choice for maintaining unwaxed surfaces. It nurtures your leather without altering its colour or texture, a particularly beneficial feature for unwaxed leather. For those who prefer versatility, it can also serve as a substitute for Saphir Renovateur on normal calfskin.

To achieve the best results, remember to massage the cream into the leather in a gentle circular motion and follow up with a thorough buffing using a horsehair brush. 

Main ingredients: Jojoba oil, wheat protein

Size: 75ml