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The Dapper Assembly has a range of products which can be used as the starting point for restoration and effect minor repairs. Please note, if your shoes or leather have major damage such as tears or water damage, you may need to seek professional assistance.

Restoration Scenario

Saphir Renomat is the product of choice in order to commence the restoration process, apply this solution with a cloth and rub in a circlular motion until the waxes, residue and colouration is removed, i.e. the leather is restored back to it's original condition.

Once the leather has been stripped back, it is recommended to start with Routine 1 - cleaning & preparation and from there you can restore colour with your desired colour with Routine 2 - Applying a shoe cream.

Minor Repairs Scenario

    Saphir Edge Dressing has the strongest pigmentation out of all of the Saphir products and is ideal for dealing with deep scratches and cuts,etc. The best way to use the cream is to apply and gently rub it into the affected area with a cloth (such as Saphir Cotton Chamois Cloth).

    Saphir Edge Dressing is also ideal for use on the shoe welt (the side part of the sole). The Saphir Small Applicator Brush is an ideal way to apply the solution to the welt.


    Recommended Products

    1) Saphir Renomat


    2) Saphir Edge Dressing

    3) Saphir Small Applicator Brush

    4) Saphir Cotton Chamois Cloth