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We recommend Routine 1 - Cleaning & Preparation as the first step in order to prepare the leather and ensure it is nourished in preparation for the application of any creams, waxes or restoration work. Alternately this routine can be done on it's own as part of an ongoing maintentace activity and have no need to apply any creams or waxes.

Step 1 - Brushing

Saphir Horsehair brush

 Step 2 - Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning with a cloth

Detailed Instructions

Step 1 - Brushing

First remove any dirty marks or specs of dust using a horse-hair brush, gently rub the leather, paying particular attention to the folds and edges of the sole. Use a wire brush and damp cloth to lift off any mud.

Step 2 - Cleaning & Maintenance

If your shoes are encrusted with dirt or have been treated with a polish other than Saphir, use a leather cleaner (Saphir Cleanser or Saphir Natural Cleaner) to get rid of stubborn stains, silicones or other resins, which prevents the leather from breathing.

Use Saphir Renovateur regularly to deeply nourish the leather. For best results, prior to applying any polish, use a cotton cloth (such as Saphir Cotton Chamois Cloth) and with small circular movements gently massage the surface with a leather conditioner. The Saphir Médaille d'Or Pommadier Brush has been designed specifically as a way to apply the glass jar cream products, however any other brush or cloth should also be able to get the job done.

Step 3 - Next Steps (Optional)

Now that your shoes have been cleaned and mositurised, you are ready to either apply a cream as part of Routine 2 - Applying a shoe cream or go straight to performing a high shine polish as part of Routine 3 - Performing a shoe shine. Altenately, you can skip the creams and waxes and consider protection options with Routine 5 - Protecting your shoes.

Please note

  • If you are regularly maintaining your shoes, you may not need to use a cleaner as most of the time the use of a good brush will be enough to remove any surface dust and dirt.
  • Saphir Renomat is recommended as part of Routine 4 - Repair & restoration as it's a powerful agent which will strip off any existing waxes & resins to restore the leather to it's original condition. This will give you a great starting point in order to apply the superior Saphir conditioners, creams & waxes as part of your new shoe care routine.

 Recommended Products

1) Saphir Horse hair brush or Saphir Horsehair Brush Oval


2) Saphir Cleanser or Saphir Natural Cleaner

3) Saphir Renovateur

4) Saphir Cotton Chamois Cloth

5) Saphir Médaille d'Or Pommadier Brush