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There are 2 main reasons for applying a shoe cream;

  1. restore colour and remove minor scuffs & blemishes
  2. maintain a consistent and vibrant colour across the shoe.

Once applied & finished, the shoe cream will produce a matte sheen and will make your shoes look brand new again.

Before applying a shoe cream, please follow Routine 1 - cleaning & preparation.

Step 1 - Applying the cream polish

Polishing with a shoe cream

 Step 2 - Finishing

 Finishing with polishing brush Final polish with cloth

Detailed Instructions

Step 1 - Applying the cream polish

Once the leather is clean, choose Saphir Pommadier Cream Shoe Polish or Saphir Surfine Shoe Cream Polish specially formulated to match the colour of your shoes.

Using an applicator brush (such as Saphir Médaille d'Or Pommadier Brush), start by applying the cream to the sides of the shoes (on the welt seams to maximise the seal) using a “back and forth” motion, pressing lightly and paying particular attention to the folds.

Step 2 - Finishing

Leave to dry for a few minutes and then polish the leather, first with a polisher brush (such as Saphir Polishing Brush) which encourages the wax in the leather to bring out the natural shine).

Then buff the surface dry with a soft polisher cloth (such as Saphir Cotton Chamois Cloth) which also helps lift off any excess cream.

Step 3 - Next steps (optional)

After you have applied the shoe cream then you may wish to provide a high gloss shine to your shoe by following Routine 3 - Performing a shoe shine. Additionally you can also consider protection options with Routine 5 - Protecting your shoes.

Important Note

Always apply a little amount of coloured cream to a discrete area of the leather to ensure that you are happy with the result & remember a little goes a long way.

Recommended Products

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3) Saphir Médaille d'Or Pommadier Brush


4) Saphir Cotton Chamois Cloth